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All your leads called by an expert

Hundreds of outbound calls to local homeowners on your behalf every month. We speak to your historical database or new leads we generate through social media booking you qualified valuations with those looking to move. Our calls are friendly, informative and always made by an experienced property professional.

Pricing Packages

Price On Application

  • Agent Extra Valuations Straight into your diary
  • Agent Extra White Labelled Outbound Calling
  • Agent Extra Turn your cold leads into Instructions
  • Agent Extra Average 10+ Valuations pm
  • Agent Extra Qualified & Motivated Vendors & Landlords
  • Agent Extra Inbound Lead Handling
  • Agent Extra Database Cleansing
Turning warm leads into hot leads!

Turning warm leads into hot leads!

Every lead, old or new, called by a dedicated property expert on your behalf. Each lead we call has at some point sent an enquiry into your business about their own property - this is not a cold calling service - every lead is a warm opportunity which we plan on turning hot with qualified valuations booked into your diary and a pipeline of future business growing by the day.

White Labelled Outbound Calling

White Labelled Outbound Calling

A completely white labelled outbound calling solution for your estate agency. Our dedicated
property experts will act on your behalf, calling your database of old leads or new leads we generate
with the aim of establishing local homeowners plans for moving now or in the future while filling
your diary with qualified and motivated market appraisals.

All in One Prospecting

All in One Prospecting

We work out of your CRM just like an extra member of staff, leaving notes after every conversation, booking market appraisals directly into your diaries and setting calls backs into the future. Making contact with hundreds of your local homeowners every month, we keep you in their minds while also picking up new business for you along the way. A truly efficient prospecting service which brings new instructions and grows your market share.

10+ guaranteed valuations booked per month

Benefits using our telemarketing services

Guaranteed valuations booked in your diary every month

We guarantee a minimum of 10+ new valuations booked in your diary each month

Saves Time

Prospecting can take hours out of your day, let us take that task off your hands so you can focus on the rest of your business

Grow market share

More calls = more valuations = more instructions

Streamline your business

Save costs - we cost a fraction of employing a member of staff to do this job

Act Big

Until now, only large corporate estate agents could afford a telemarketing team - now you can



Match with one of our dedicated property experts


Hundreds of contacts in your database called


Qualified and motivated market appraisals booked in your diary


Keep in touch with homeowners whose plans fall into the future


Average of 15 - 20 new market appraisals booked in your diary every month

We are always looking to speak to forward thinking estate agents - get in touch today and book a time with Jack who will show you how this all works

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