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To stand out from your competitors, you need to have a unique, and engaging brand, built around your target audience. At Agent Extra, we develop tailored branding strategies to increase engagement from vendors and landlords in your local area. A successful brand is what helps generate you new customers, repeat business, and referrals. Every Estate Agent understands how important these are.

Pricing packages

Branding Solutions1st Tier – From £3002nd Tier – From £5003rd Tier – From £850
#of Logo Concepts369
#of Logo Revisons666
Color PalatteAgent ExtraAgent Extra6
Branding Board Agent Extra6
Brand Guidelines Agent Extra6
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How important is a brand to an Estate Agency?

How important is a brand to an Estate Agency?

Your brand influences how consumer perceive your business. Create the wrong brand, and you may very well see prospects and customers leave for your competitors. It takes someone to form an opinion of your website, just 0.05 seconds. If your font, colour, layout or logo aren’t to the likings of your target audience, that first impression may result in the loss of a client. Your dream maybe high-end clients, but your brand maybe stopping that dream from happening.

Customer Centric Logo Design

Customer Centric Logo Design

At Agent Extra, we understand the importance of taking a customer centric approach to developing a business’s logo. Estate Agencies may offer similar services, but their target audience, history, company culture and location all influence an agency’s logo. The font, colour, spacing, and icons are all influenced by what we discover when researching our client’s business and their target customers.

Thinking Of Social Media

Thinking Of Social Media

It’s undeniable the importance of having a strong social media presence. That’s why it is essential your brand focuses on creating components around social media. A brand that doesn’t consider how it will be displayed across all social media platforms can cause inconsistency further down the road. Agent Extra plans branding for social media from the start, and social media packages are always included in our services.

Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

What do you do with all the various design elements that make a brand? Keep the logo in one folder, and the colour palette in another, and share multiple shared drives and emails with internal and external teams? If you do, this is just causing headaches and more time and money in the long run. At Agent Extra, we compile all branding elements into a single Brand Guideline. This will include not only design elements, any aspect of your brand you want included, such as tone of voice. Having a single document, you can hand to any internal or external team saves significant time and resources.

Benefits using our Branding Services

Consistent Branding

Our branding packages ensures design consistency across all products and platforms, helping clients familiarise with your brand.

Increase in clients

A solid brand is the deciding factor for many consumers when choosing a company. We will make sure your brand outshines the rest.

Beat the competition

In a highly competitive market, we make brands that pull customers and prospects away from your competition.

Speed Up Onboarding

Our one document brand guideline means any team, be it external or internal, can be quickly updated with what your brand is.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty helps bring repeat business and referrals business. Your tailored brand will build credibility and trust, and in turn, loyalty.



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