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"I’m planning the website setting for my new Estate Agency. I’ve heard about Landing Pages and how important they are. The trouble is – I’m not sure what they are, why they’re so important or how to structure them.”

Is this you? Then read on and learn how to craft great Estate Agent Landing Pages – ones that convert vague enquiries into happy, paying customers.

Landing pages are arguably the most pages on any commercial website. Sure – your Home Page matters. It provides a tempting introduction to your Estate Agency services – like a shop window. The contact page is important too. How else will potential customers get in touch with you? The About Us page matters. That’s how your target audience can find out about your Estate Agency and about you and your team. Then there’s your property portfolio page – clearly the lifeblood of your business.

But - your Landing Pages are the pages with the magic stardust. They are the ones that will convert website visitors who are ‘just looking’ into eager new paying customers who have decided that you’re ‘the best Estate Agent in Town’!

What is a Landing Page?

There’s a common misconception that a Landing Page is always a page that sits independently from your website. Certainly, it can be, but to be accurate, a Landing Page is any page that converts. It could convert a casual visitor into:

  • a customer
  • a serious enquiry
  • a newsletter subscriber
  • someone who takes up a special offer

A Landing Page is a page that a visitor ‘lands’ on from an external link. This could be a link from

  • A Google Ad
  • Your organic listing on Google
  • A social media post
  • A directory, such as Yell
  • An email

A Landing Page could be:

Either – an integral part of your website …
… such as one of your Service Pages. For example –

  • Home Page
  • Residential Sales Page
  • Lettings Page
  • Commercial Page
  • Investments Page

Or – a page completely independent of your website …

… that persuades visitors to

  • become a customer
  • make an enquiry
  • subscribe to your newsletter
  • take up a special offer

These Landing Pages are often called ‘Lead Magnets’.

How important is a good Estate Agent Landing Page?

Quick answer – Yes, very!

Without effective Landing Pages, your Estate Agent website will sit around idly, gathering dust. With well-structured, engaging, persuasive Landing Pages, your website will leap into action, come alive and convert visitors into customers.

A well-crafted Landing Page will direct your visitor to take the steps you want them to take. It will focus their attention, enticing them to take the first step into your sales funnel.

Landing Page considerations – 12 essential elements for your Estate Agency landing page

1. A headline and appropriate sub-headlines

Without the right headlines, your Landing Page visitor is unlikely to stay with you for long. You need your headline to include the key message of your Landing Page – especially the main benefit. The headline should reflect and ideally include the search term that appeared in the link that led your visitor to your Landing Page.

An example might be:

Give your property a head start!
9 ways to get your property Sale-ready.
Download your PDF today

Line 1 of your headline is the key benefit. Line 2 tells the visitor what they’ll receive. Line 3 is the Call To Action – what they have to do to get their free PDF.

Keep your reader hooked

Your sub-headings need to be worded so as to entice or tempt the reader to keep going on to the next paragraph – keeping them hooked, as we’ve just illustrated here.

2. A description of your offer or service

call to action button for lead generation

A clear, concise description of what you’re offering, along with how your reader will benefit from the offer.

3. At least one supporting image or short video

It’s an ancient cliché – a picture paints a thousand words. But it’s true, nonetheless. A page full of text but with no visual element will look terribly dull. Always include an image. Even better, add a video. A simple head-and-shoulders shot of you presenting your offer in a relaxed, conversational, yet enthusiastic way will work wonders for the effectiveness of your Landing Page.

4. Evidence

Include in your Landing Page evidence of the claims you’re making for your offer or service. There’s no better way to show your visitor that you’re offer is serious than to demonstrate its success with other customers. Do this by inserting a couple of testimonials or Case Studies.

5. Focus on benefits, benefits, benefits

On your Landing Page, you need to take every opportunity to highlight the reason why your visitor should take action, for example:

  • You can describe in impressive detail the features of your service or offering.
  • You can tell them about your wonderful reputation as an Estate Agent.
  • You can quote testimonials from countless happy customers.

But – these will be of little interest to your visitors … unless you can persuade them -

How will their lives be improved by taking up your offer or service?

In other words, imagine that, with every claim you make about your Estate Agency service, your reader asks you,

‘So what? What’s in it for me?’

Every time you answer this question, you’re highlighting a ‘benefit.’

It’s these benefits that will persuade your visitors to take the action you want them to take.

6. Avoid unnecessary navigation

Your Estate Agency Landing Page needs to serve a single purpose - to encourage a visitor to take one specific action. When visitors land on a page, we want to keep them there until they perform that action. You must keep them focussed on that single goal so that they don’t drift away.

7. Keep to a clear and simple objective

Don’t try to cram too much information on your landing pages. Be clear about what your Landing Page is for and what you want the visitor to do. Restrict the copy, images, media, and links to what's important. Keep to a proper structure so that everything is in a logical order. Make your Call To Actions crystal clear.

8. Use positive CTAs

generate new instructions call to action

Use clear and compelling CTAs (Calls To Action). Use either text or a large button CTA button to direct your visitors toward the next step. Try to include a benefit – a reason why the visitor should take the action you’re urging them to take.

Don’t use hesitant, vague words like ‘if’.

‘If you want to find out more, get in touch’.

Instead, be direct and confident and include that benefit:

‘Sell your property fast! Find out how. Get in touch today!’

9. Match your content to a visitor’s previous source

Whether a visitor comes from a PPC ad, an email, or a Call To Action from another source, make sure that your content matches the source throughout the entire conversion path.

For example, your PPC ad might say

“Sell With Us and Receive A Free EPC.”

Then, your Landing Page needs to use exactly the same wording in its headline and throughout the page. This ‘connection’ will resonate with your visitor, reinforcing the idea that they’re in the right place.

10. Reduce friction

Friction happens when elements of a Landing Page inhibit a visitor from taking action. This might be:

  • providing excessive, complex or confusing information
  • including distracting animation
  • insufficient customer proof

You must make your visitors feel confident that they’re making the right choice. To avoid friction, keep the page simple – clear, concise and compelling.

11. Make your Landing Pages shareable

This can be a great way to drive more visitors to your landing pages. Always include social media sharing links on your Estate Agent Landing Pages. Make it easy for your visitors to share your page with their own networks - drive even more conversion opportunities your way.

12. Test, test and test again!

Make sure your Landin Pages are always geared for success. Keep them

  • upbeat
  • positive
  • concise
  • compelling
  • benefit-focussed

Then you’ll give them the best chance of success.

Evaluate your landing pages by trialing numerous versions. Use analytics to measure which ones work for you best – which pages give you the best conversions. Try different headlines, different images, and different font styles even. With patience and persistence, you’ll soon find out which Landing Pages will bring the most paying customers to your Estate Agency.

Run A/B testing on marketing tools such as Google Ads. This is a great way to determine which of your landing pages is optimised best for conversions. All you have to do is un two identical ads along side each other, with one pointing to landing page 1, and then other pointing to landing page 2. Leave it running a month, and view the data to see which landing page resulted in the most conversions. If you are interested in running Google Ads, Agent Extra provides services for setting up and managing high-converting adverts.

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