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Are you new to the wonderful world of Estate Agency? Or maybe you’re well established. Either way, you’ll be aware of the importance of building your client list, sometimes known as ‘prospecting or ‘lead generation’.

Understanding the need to go fishing for customers is one thing. But knowing where and how to start prospecting for estate agent clients is another altogether.

The first thing you need is time. As part of your business plan, you need to set aside dedicated hours every day for prospecting. This time should be carved in stone - a hard-wired non-negotiable.

Next comes your list of 11 prospecting suggestions. Remember – you don’t have to take them all up. Life’s too short. Just try a few at a time, and most important of all – be consistent. Before you move on to other ideas, stick to your chosen few for a decent period of time.

Your 11 Estate Agent Prospecting Ideas

1. Weekly Live Social Media Show

Live shows have a massive reach on social media. 82% of people prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Your followers will appreciate consistency, so create a realistic and manageable schedule and stick to it. If you can’t do a weekly show, then do what is best for you, however, don’t leave it too long. Your followers won’t even remember you run a live stream if you leave it months between shows.

Unsure about what to stream? Here are a few possibilities:

  • Q&A Session
  • Interviews with experts
  • House tour
  • Events and conferences
  • Are you and your team fun? Think of something entertaining your audience would love
  • Get involved with social trends
  • ‘How to’ shows

Make sure of course you keep a copy of your live stream. This recorded footage can be used across multiple platforms for various marketing purposes. For example, some marketers use live-stream with clients to advertise their services. Prospects love this as they are seeing the real you with a real client, helping build that trust with your brand.

2. Annual Property Valuation

There are approximately 190, 000 monthly searches for the keyword ‘’value my house” and its variations. People are always interested in knowing the value of their house, so why don’t you provide this to them. This is a great way to keep in touch with your clients. Simply send a cheerful, friendly email with the latest valuation of their property. People love to ‘know the score’ and will appreciate you keeping in touch. It’s a great way to nudge them towards moving house.

3. The Free Coffee Idea

Here’s a bold idea. But hey! There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit bold every now and then. It’s an idea that will make people smile and make you memorable. Go to your local coffee shop and buy a handful of gift vouchers (enough value to pay for a cup of coffee). Ask the person at the till to give one to each person that comes in next. Sit down at your computer. As each lucky customer comes over to thank you for your generosity, engage them in conversation, and give them your business card.

4. Events, Events, and More Events

Local events provide a perfect spot to prospect and meet potential leads. A staggering 81% of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success.

Go with the intention of meeting new people and having fun. If you go with the idea of handing out cards and getting your next deal, you won’t be as successful. Be a farmer – not a hunter.

Not sure exactly how to participate or even find the right event? Here is some inspiration:

  • Find a local event that you can sponsor
  • Put yourself up for the position of providing prizes at an event
  • Find events experts you follow are attending as a speaker
  • Google local events relevant to Estate Agents
  • Google national events relevant to Estate Agents
  • Look out for any career fairs

5. Go networking

Networking groups can be enormously fruitful (and fun too!). Attend consistently, and people will get to know you as someone they can get to know, like and trust. Be generous in helping your fellow networkers with tips and tricks and, in time, you’ll be re-paid with referrals.

6. Start a Local Podcast

Podcasts are a proven way to get the word out about how brilliant you are as an Estate Agent. You need to establish yourself as a leader and influencer in your community. Podcasts are a great way to achieve this.

7. Business of The Week

Another way to become known in the local community is to announce on your website your Business of the Week. Just as with podcasting, it’s great to feature a local business each week. What a great way to help promote your estate agency through promoting others! If you have the time, why not feature an interview with the business owner – via a video or a podcast.

8. Door Knocking – Old School but with a Modern Twist

An up-to-date version of door-knocking. Choose up to 500 homes in a specific area that you’re targeting. Decide that you’ll door knock every month for the next year. Print off a monthly property market report with your info on it. Then just go door-to-door and hand it out. You knock on the door and just say, “Hi there, here’s your monthly real estate market report. Enjoy your day!”. Then, turn around and leave. (Obviously, if no one’s at home, pop the report through the letterbox). They’ll be so impressed that you didn’t try and sell. After a few months, conversations will naturally start to spring up.

9. Digital Marketing - Create Content

Creating content takes time and effort, but the good news is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Also, it sets you up as the local expert in your community.

Over and above Podcasting and Video, you can add Blogging, Checklists, Tips, How-to guides, LinkedIn posts, Pinterest posts, Newsletters, Instagram and Facebook Stories and Posts. Consider Sponsored Social Media Posts and Ads. Think also about Facebook Groups. And a Facebook Page is a must.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google is well worth a try. You should take on a specialist to set it up for you. It’s an advertiser’s dream – instantly flexible, you can turn the PPC tap up or down and easily test different ads and measure the success.

Then there’s SEO – the sometimes mysterious art (or science) of getting your web pages high up in the search engine results pages. It’s down to your web designer and copywriter to make sure that your website is well optimised for the search engines. These days good SEO is all about the customer experience – designing your website such that it attracts visitors and encourages them to explore your website.

Anything that’s puts you and your Estate Agency in front of people.

10. Speak

Speaking is one of the best ways to quickly connect with prospects. However, it’s not an easy task. You could join a local Toastmasters. Improve your confidence and speaking skills. Next, start reaching out to organisations or groups that may appreciate your support - schools, universities, chambers of commerce, business networking groups, banks, community meetings, and political gatherings. Many organisers are always looking for speakers. Create a short intro video and get to work sending it out!

11. Add a Live Chat or ChatBot to your Website

A live chat feature on your website can be one of the best lead generators on your page. It’s a great way to engage in a quick conversation with someone browsing your site. Or add a ChatBot instead.

Don’t consider Estate Agency prospecting without a marketing plan.

These are just 11 marketing ideas. With a bit of careful forethought and creativity, you can think of many more great ways to get your name at the top of people’s minds. You could do worse than talk to a marketing agency and ask them for ideas.

Whichever route you decide upon, make sure you’re guided by a proper marketing plan. Your quest for customers is a serious one. The success of your Estate Agency depends on you getting the marketing right. Creating a marketing plan will help you set goals for your marketing campaigns and develop the steps to reach these goals.

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