6 tips for generating more homeowner instructions

6 Ways Estate Agents Can Get More Homeowner Instructions

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As an Estate Agent you will always be looking for ways to find more homeowner leads. So I’ve put together our top 6 savvy tips on how you can do just that.

Do the social thing

I’ve talked about this in past blogs and articles because it really is where you’ll want to focus a lot of your time and energy, why? Because this is where your future leads are.

According to online estate agents Yopa, a staggering 98% of house hunters use the web to start their search for property. In fact, traffic statistics expert Hitwise has found that 1% of all internet traffic in the UK is property-related.

So, we cannot escape the digital era we find ourselves in, as much as we may want to crawl back under the rock and go back to our door to door drops.

With this in mind, you’ll really want to have an active social media presence.

Let me explain what I mean by active.

Share your best properties, testimonials and any other news on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. You may ask, do I really need to be on them all?

Social Media platforms all serve a different purpose.

Facebook is great for it’s groups and for getting involved in discussions about property locally.

LinkedIn is a place to build a professional brand and again get involved in property talk.

The beautiful thing about Instagram and Pinterest is that their key feature is about sharing photos. If you have impressive properties on your books, upload them to Instagram and Pinterest.

Got some rental properties as well?

Then Instagram and Pinterest is where you want to be at to attract younger demographics who are avid users of these social media platforms.

I understand how busy you are as an Estate Agent and if your time is very limited, I suggest you focus on 1 social media platform and do it well.

But if you can invest in a member of staff or even hire a Virtual Assistant to help you to write content, then go all out

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that on some online property listings, you can also include your social media links. The double benefit here is that potential homebuyers can also share your properties with their networks.

If you want more juicy tips on how to make social media work for you, my blog 6 Reasons Estate Agents Should Use Social Media To Get More Leads is a must- read.

Supercharge your social with a Social Media Lead Generation Service

Did you know that around 78% of people go online to research the value of their property? Impressive huh?

Now, you have embraced the social media world, you can take the whole finding new instructions online to another level.

Whether you are a new independent or an established brand, social media lead generation can win new instructions for your Estate Agency in any volume.

So how is it done?

Decide who you want to reach, target your market, prospect to them, make contact and follow up.

There are tried and tested methods that have seen hundreds and hundreds of new homeowners instruct our Estate Agents, like you, to sell their homes for them.

E-newsletter and Email nurture

Email is still very much alive and kicking around with 80% of small to medium sized businesses using it to generate new leads.

Do you have a quality list of potential clients to email?

By quality, I mean recent homeowners who have told you that they are planning to move house.

Let me explain why the word “recent” is important.

How does it make you feel when you receive an email from a service provider about something you enquired about many moons ago that is of no interest to you now?

Yep, exactly, ensure that the people on your list have been contacted in the last few months and are still motivated to move. Only then have you got yourself a quality list.

Once you have a list that is squeaky clean (and this will keep growing if you follow all the other top tips that I am sharing with you in this and all my other blogs) you’re ready to start contacting them.

Create a e-newsletter

Whether it’s monthly or weekly, newsletters are an important way of keeping in the mindsets of potential customers whilst also appealing to new ones.

You can use newsletters to alert people to new properties on your books. It’s a great way to promote your blog content (more of that below), useful property news, industry trends, tips, and even funny news related to property.

Be the helpful Estate Agent and your e-newsletter will be read every time.

Email nurture

Email what? I hear you say. Okay, it’s a bit of a jargonistic and buzz word at the moment. Let me explain why it’s so important.

As an Estate Agent, you can have lots of success converting your social media leads through your email nurture.

Email nurture means taking leads and keeping in contact by offering relevant information to help them to make the decision in your favour.

Email nurture is much more sophisticated that a standard e-newsletter

Email nurture or email journey is a series of pre-written emails that are often a lot shorter than your standard e-newsletter because you’re sharing one key piece of information in each email..

You can send these weekly, fortnightly or less frequently.

The more frequent the emails, the easier it is for potential customers to get to know you, your brand and start to build trust with what you are offering.

Don’t wait more than 3 weeks between emails otherwise you may get forgotten about.

The lead is being “nurtured” as they are drip fed information so they can make a decision based on knowledge, and trust in you, as opposed to being hurried along with a sales pitch.

Pick up the Phone

Are you asking your former customers to help you to generate more leads?

By talking to your customers, you can find out what they loved about your service and even where you can improve.

This doesn’t have to be a long questionnaire but just a general chat after the sale.

When any client gives you an inkling that they have had a great experience with you, pick up the phone and ask for a testimonial.

Share testimonials from your formal clients

You can pop these on the website (or a separate page for testimonials) your social media pages and in that e-newsletter.

Show that real people are endorsing your services and people are going to trust your business.

If possible, place a picture of the person along with the testimonial. This helps to build credibility.

Be a Blogger

As a blogger, it isn’t going to come as a huge surprise that I’m going to suggest that you blog about your Estate Agency.

If you’re not yet convinced that blogging is for you, here’s some hard facts on why you’ll want to give it a go;

There’s a common theme here; all your marketing across social media, email and website can be linked up.

So you’re not having to think up new content but your sharing (some or all of the content) across the different channels.

Be a guest - blogger

You can even contact businesses that you think share common ground with your Estate Agency, such as mortgage advisers, and see if you can feature on one of their blogs. Again you’ll be recycling what you have already written.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In its simplest (although it isn’t so simple otherwise we will all be doing it!) form, to optimize your website for SEO. The goal being to gain the top rankings on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing because this will bring more visits to your website.

SEO for your business is something that you will want and need to invest in if you decide you want to go down this route.

Keywords: The foundation on which SEO is built

SEO is built on keywords: the words that people type into search engines when looking for an ‘an estate agent in Manchester’.

The same words that must appear in your website, in the right places, in order for your pages to be matched for those searches.

What happens if you use the wrong keywords? Well you won’t be matched up with the prospects, who are searching for an Estate Agent in your area. .

How to dominate the search results

The search results are a complex mix of different types of content.

If you focus purely on the key words and not building links from other sites back to yours. you may do very well in the regular, web page organic search results, but still miss other great opportunities.

I did say it wasn’t that simple!

Make your content SEO friendly

When writing copy for your website and your listings, think about keywords that resonate within the property market.

If you’re based in Manchester, you’ll be writing content based around ‘the best places to live in Manchester’ or ‘Manchester properties close to primary schools’.

This will help with search engine ranking and make it easier to find your website through Google searches.

Make your site mobile friendly

Whether it’s during lunchtime or a quick search after work, your prospective customers are most likely going to be looking at your website on a mobile device.

Don’t be left behind with an outdated website. Make sure that your website works on Android and Apple devices and across all web browsers.

I’m certainly not suggesting that you need to do a complete redesign but updating pages on your website fortnightly is a happy medium.

If you plan on implementing the suggestions I’ve made in this blog, you’ll be adding new property listings, testimonials and your own blog to your website. And Google and the web browsers will reward you for it.

I hope that this article has given you the confidence and knowledge on how you can attract more homeowner instructions. Some of the tips you may feel excited about and can get the wheels in motion, whilst others may require you to invest more time and energy.

There are lots of services available out there to help you to increase the number of homeowner leads.

Want to know more?

Because we are super helpful here, at Agent Extra, do get in touch if you would like more information, support or guidance on how you can start to attract more customers.

Whether that is through Blogging, SEO, Email Nurture, Social Media or our very own Social Media Lead Generation Service designed and tailored to Estate Agents, just like you!

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